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  • Jurisdiction briefing
  • Advice on cross-border investment opportunities as well as the legal structures through which such investments can be made
  • Preservation of family privacy, legacy and wealth - "keep it in the family"
  • Establishment and administration of personal, family, educational, and corporate trusts, companies and foundations.

Mergers and acquisitions
Working through an international network, Saxon specialises in cross-border transactions for small and medium sized enterprises.

From determining the true value of assets, leveraging, general business, tax advantages through to structuring the final transaction, our goal is to help design the best possible deal.

Whatever the size of company, its location or sector, a properly structured transaction gives a company the opportunity to enhance growth, competitiveness, profitability and ultimately re-invent itself.

Saxon seeks out targets for acquisitions with an eye to niche markets, national and international; business marketing and merger financing.

  • Divestment plans and sale of privately owned companies
  • Search for investment opportunities in the international market
  • Economic studies and due diligence
International taxation
  • Tax efficient business and investment structures
  • International tax planning strategies
  • Presentation of corporate and personal tax returns in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal
  • Financial planning arrangements
Real estate
  • Trust management of real estate interests
  • Condominiums and large developments
  • Professional mortgage advice for non-residents, residents and corporations
Corporate and commercial law
  • Labour law and social security
  • Wills, trusts and foundations
Administrative management and execution
  • Controllership and reporting
  • Co-ordination of international financial and tax issues
  • Administrative back up services
  • Holding and trading companies
Argent International a highly respected financial services group of companies, specialises in comprehensive and independent financial advisory, wealth management, company and trust administration services to private, corporate and institutional investors.
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